What Is Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay

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Ralph Waldo Emerson was a master of the written word. Not that, in my opinion, all of his works are worth reading, but they are certainly well composed. His literary prowess in conjunction with his obvious and intense appreciation for nature, culminates in this specific passage to create one of the most eloquent descriptions of nature’s graces to date. Emerson saw nature as possessing the highest marks of beauty and lacking all flaws. Whether or not these ideas were an intended hyperbole or the honest observations of an overly romantic mind, they clearly lack many fundamental truths about nature that any reasonable person would be far less likely to overlook. Although unusual, Emerson’s oversight of these fundamental truths further prove his devotion to nature, like a lover willing to ignore the most grievous character flaw in the object of their devotion. Emerson was truly fascinated with nature. He found many of nature’s qualities to align with and even enhance his own, and he also found it to be overwhelmingly beautiful. Within the passage he at one point declares, “Nature never w...
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