What Is Psychiatric Rehabilitation?

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What is Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PsyR)? This paper will discuss what it is. The education and skills needed to work in this field, the income of all career options, what is it about and the population of PsyR service users. This paper will also describe the work environment of this field and the importance of this area. Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a field where people help individuals living with mental illness live in the community. According to Pratt et al. (2014) "Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a set of strategies and techniques designed to meet the needs of persons with psychiatric disabilities" (Pratt, Gill, Barrett, & Roberts, 2014, p. 4). PsyR is all about helping others. A PsyR practitioner helps individuals with things like education, employment, skills building, and more. PsyR practitioners help people reintegrate into the community. "The goal of psychiatric rehabilitation is to assist individuals with persistent and severe mental illness to develop the emotional, social and intellectual skills needed to live, learn and work in the community with the least amount of professional support" (RÖSSLER, 2006). A lot of individuals living with mental illness spend most of their lives in the hospital. That is why they have not acquired these skills. Individuals have the same aspirations as we do, and PsyR practitioners help them attain those desires: housing, work, building and keeping relationships, and assimilating into the community. There are several career options in the field of PsyR. For example, a person can become a practitioner, psychiatrist, license clinician, social worker, psychiatric nurse, and more. To obtain a job in this field, you must first get a degree in Bachelor 's degree in psychology or PsyR and be... ... middle of paper ... ...y be mental or emotional, and they may include such things as depression, anxiety, developmental disabilities, and learning disabilities. Other problems that rehabilitation psychologists treat might be physical, such as addiction or chronic pain. Problems that rehabilitation psychologists treat might be chronic or acute, and they might also be congenital or acquired" (Rehabilitation Psychology Careers, n.d.). The annual salary for a rehabilitation psychologist is $109,000 per year. All of these careers are both rewarding and satisfying. It is rewarding because helping people helps us. It is interesting because you are always learning something new. Psychiatric Rehabilitation is an important field because the services provided helps individuals with mental illness be a part of the community they live in. It also helps diminish the stigma of mental illness in society.
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