What Is Project Management In Project Success?

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1 Introduction Project management in project success is one topic that can be called as an art and science. Many of the papers date back several decades and even the fresher ones are not able to comprehensively and simply answer the question what makes successful project management and how to measure project success in overall. There are several factors that need to take into account and seems there are almost as many answers as there are opinions. In this paper I have focused more on the effects of project management on project success on the changing field as the world is more digitalised as before. Many of the researches are done before this time and although the theory is similar in most parts, this change will demand more from the project management to be able to manage the project successfully till the end. With digitalisation the amount of data has increased exponentially with the technical requirements for the management. Therefore the social side of leadership may be lost in translation, especially if the project management is done…show more content…
Larson et al. (2014, pp. 16) believe that the successful implementation by the managers requires both technical and social skills. According to Barkley and Saylor (2001, pp. 1-8) the impact of internet on project quality management is opening up new lines of communication for information changes the technical and social ground rules for the generation and use of that information. The internet is also changing the context of project information accessibility and allows the project team to create a virtual project review process that is not necessarily meeting based. To increase the probability of the project success this also allows to find an objective third party to evaluate the project management process success based on the analysis of data, benchmarking information, counseling and mentoring. (Barkley and Saylor, 2001, pp.
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