What Is Preservation And Preservation Of Library Preservation

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Abstract A library is a place where documents are organized systematically by the staff for users. Dissemination of information is not only the main function of Library but also preserves the different types of documents for posterity. Preservation and conservation of library documents enable the long time access to documents. Every library depends on their requirements and conditions following different types of preservation and conservation techniques to preserve the world heritage which includes manuscripts, Government records, ephemeral, rare collections, etc. Keywords: Library, Documents, Preservation, conservation. ________________________________________ Introduction: The library collects, organizes, makes available and conserve for…show more content…
Services include, Reference Services, Documentation and Training & Consultancy. Roja Muthiah Research Library offers training in documentation, preservation, and conservation of documents. Review of Literature Agrawal (1993) has provided in detail important information on Causes of deterioration, General treatment procedures and equipments required for preservation. The principles of preservation of specific materials also explained. Arora (2004) explains that digital library projects in their respective institutions so as to build their own digital collections, and discussed building network-enabled digitized collections within the framework of the traditional library and information services at the Central Library, IIT Delhi. Chakraborty (1983) explains the significance of preserving valuable documents. He also explains that libraries should maintain humidity and temperature control equipments for increasing the life of the valuable materials. Chandran (2007) discussed that Newspaper has been considered as an important source of information and explained necessity archive of newspapers .Several newspaper information retrieval systems and projects in different countries. has also been discussed in this…show more content…
Laymen or common users may admire and appreciate the beauty of their physical presentation. It is the researcher who critically evaluates and provides a new interpretation to the subject matter of the manuscripts and other rare documents. It is clear that 10-15 user consulting the documents in RMRL to consult the archival records as and when needed, to thoroughly probe and interpret the thought content of these rare and endangered documents. Manuscripts available in RMRL deal with various disciplines of knowledge. They embody thoughts on spiritualism or may be related to other branches of knowledge like linguistics, humanities, pure and applied sciences, etc. Do the Readers Handle the Records with
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