What Is Precious Case Study

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V. Family Background and History Precious was born to an unmarried couple, Mary and Carl, living in government housing in Harlem New York. Mary is an overweight African American woman. Carl is an average sized African American man. When Precious was born Mary was extremely happy and loved her child very much. A few months after Precious was born, Carl began sexually molesting her in front of Mary. Mary began to resent her daughter as she felt she was losing the love of her significant other to her daughter. Mary claims to have tried to stop Carl from molesting Precious but was unsuccessful in doing so. As Precious aged Carl continued his abuse by beginning to rape her. These rapes led to the eventual birth of Mongo and then Abdul. Mary saw Mongo as a way to receive more money from the Welfare office. Mary has many psychological issues including being a pathological liar. Mary claims that Tootsie, her mother, was abusive to her in the same ways that she abused Precious. There is no proof to these claims and the social worker feels these claims are to try and excuse Mary’s abuse of…show more content…
Present Status Precious’ present status is living in a halfway house with her son Abdul and filing for temporary custody of her daughter Mongo. She has not had any contact with her mother since the meeting between Ms. Weiss, Mary, and Precious. Carl has passed away. Precious has started having a more connected relationship with her grandmother Tootsie. Tootsie is currently supporting Precious and her application for custody of Mongo. The risks Precious’ faces currently are being rejected to regain custody of Mongo, not being able to find a job after completion of her G.E.D., and rejection from college. Precious’ drive and determination to reach her goals minimize these risks. Precious also has a risk for having long-term psychological trauma from the abuse she endured. To combat this risk Precious has joined an incest survivors group at the halfway house. VII. Tentative
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