What Is Policing Terrorism?

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“Protect Our Homeland but Neglect Our Community: Homeland Security Overemphasis, Legitimacy, and Public Cooperation in Israel” by Metcalfe, C., Wolfe, S. E., Gertz, E., & Gertz, M. (2016), was a study that looked at important factors related to national security in Israel. This is important because terrorism has become a priority of law enforcement in many Western countries and the consequences of this needs to be examined. Policing terrorism may have consequences to the relation police have to the communities they serve. There have been arguments made by leading scholars that intrusive homeland security practices, can decrease relations that the community has with the police. The methods of this study used path-analyses to analyze data from…show more content…
The questions relating to police legitimacy are as follows: (1) I have confidence that the INP can do its job well, (2) I trust the leaders of the INP to make decisions that are good for everyone, (3) some of the things the police do embarrass our county, (4) people’s basic rights are well protected by the police, (5) there are many things about the INP and its policies that need to be changed, (6) I am proud of the work of the INP, and (7) the police can be trusted to make decisions that are right for the people in my neighborhood. These were appropriate questions to help discover perceptions on legitimacy, especially relating to trust and confidence in the…show more content…
Next, citizens were asked, ‘‘How often do you think the INP neglects its crime responsibilities to deal with issues of homeland security?’’ Responses were measured from ‘‘never’’ to ‘‘all the time’’ on a 5-level scale, which higher values indicating higher levels of neglect by the police of their crime responsibilities. Similar questions were asked about distributive justice, legal cynicism, as well as police
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