What Is Physical Attractiveness?

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As the women exit the limousine in their dresses designed to entice a man, each hair carefully styled and makeup flawlessly applied, the man watching them smiles continuously. Ecstatic at receiving the attention of these gorgeous women, he can’t contain his joy. One after the other, the women exit from a line of limos until all twenty-seven have introduced themselves to him. From the looks of the women, any one with acne or less than a toned body need not apply. The man is also toned and blessed with physically attractive features. What is this strange procession? None other than the latest installment of the popular ABC television series, “The Bachelor”, a show exemplifying the importance of physical attractiveness in today’s society of instant impressions. This show and many others like it mirror society’s obsession with looks. Why the obsession? Looks matter because physical attractiveness increases a person’s ability to attract a mate, create positive platonic relationships with both sexes and have a financially rewarding career. For seventeen seasons, “The Bachelor” has entertained and revolted viewers who either love it or hate it. The producers of the show are simply taking facts regarding physical attractiveness and making money off of people’s tendencies to watch train wrecks. Based on the amount of viewers, being open regarding the fact that physically attractive people attract mates more easily resonates with viewers. Viewers fall into the coveted 18-34 demographic group and have “Bachelor” viewing parties to vicariously experience romance through the show. Even though morally the process appears crass, the science behind the casting is valid. The bachelors chosen by ABC fit the profile of attributes which women valu... ... middle of paper ... ...te weight. Even though the old adage, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” remains somewhat true, more overt signs of attractiveness as defined by society positively affects people’s abilities to attract a mate, have healthy platonic relationships, and have rewarding careers. Attractive people are admitted to academic programs more than non-attractive people (Johnson et al. 302). Even in court, attractive people receive less harsh judgments (Johnson et al. 302). Infants and children prefer attractive people to non-attractive people! (Mads 83). People who are attractive command attention and get results in the work place (Nauert). For those not blessed with natural beauty, the option remains to work on a great sense of humor, hone intelligence, and be kind to others. Maybe taking these steps will cause others to look beyond the exterior to the interior treasure.