What Is Personal Values In Social Work

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I believe my personal experience from what my parents have gone through has given me an insight into the experiences of what it might be like for other people from different cultural backgrounds. This makes me feel like I am able to relate on some sort of level how some culturally and linguistically diverse people might feel growing up in Australia. From this my personalised knowledge has helped me learn to be patient and mindful when working with culturally and linguistically diverse clients. This to me is a strength I hold, especially when I am being mindful of the fact that everyone is unique. In terms of my social work practice and my personal values, they have become clearer. I see that strength is a value I resonate with. I believe I would like to allow not only the clients I work with but also everyone else around me to be aware of and acknowledge their strengths. As a social worker I think it is important to be sure to acknowledge the times a client has showed courage, resourcefulness or strength even during difficult times. I feel that I am attracted to this particular value because it resonates with my own life experience and beliefs that I have internalised during my life. An example of this would…show more content…
slide 18) Additionally, I see each person deserves to be treated justly with right to self-determination and to feel heard and not judged. Respect for persons is a core value of the Australian Association of Social Work. It highlights the respect for dignity and human rights (AASW, 2010). The AASW code of ethics states that part of the purpose of social work is to develop human potential and a commitment to the pursuit and maintenance of human well being guided by values and principals of the code of ethics. I believe that my practice framework align with the values and principals from the AASW. For the reason that in terms of my social work practice I see that respect for persons, social justice and professional integrity strongly resonates with
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