What Is Permissive Parenting Essay

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Almost everyone remembers their childhood, whether it was the best time in their life, or the worst. It is a time in a person’s life that permanently impacts them, since it can be pivotal to the shaping of who they are as an adult. Subsequently, adolescence becomes a critical period in an individual’s life. During these years, the adolescent learns to test boundaries, implement life lessons, prove morals, and formulate his or her own opinions. They begin to develop new attributes and gain different perspectives on matters as they discover who they are. Therefore, throughout adolescence, a child’s character gradually develops into adulthood. The question is, what influences the development of their disposition? People argue that it is the traits…show more content…
This is a common aspect in a style of parenting widely recognized as ‘permissive parenting’. Permissive parenting is a more laid-back form of parenting that lacks guidance and expectations for an adolescent, but focuses more on an emotional companionship. While unconditional love and closeness is crucial for the developing child, an unequal balance between this and firmness in parents is not healthy. Permissive parents barely administer any rules, discipline, or expectations and rarely assign responsibilities to their children. Instead of utilizing consequences as punishment for their adolescent, these parents will use bribery to get their child to behave properly. Generally, permissive parents will act more as a friend to their adolescent child than an assertive parent. Although most adolescents dream of having such a parent, most do not realize nor understand the detrimental impacts this style of parenting can have on them. Due to the lack of consequences and discipline utilized by the parents, “Children raised by permissive parents tend to lack self-discipline, possess poor social skills, may be self-involved and demanding, and may feel insecure…”(“What Is Permissive Parenting”). Typically, adolescents who grow up in these environments never have the opportunity to learn how to be independent and self-reliant since their guardians do everything for them. Also, considering teenagers with permissive parents are permitted more freedoms than they should, they are more likely to participate in crimes and risky behaviors (“What Is Permissive Parenting”). Clearly, such behaviors can later turn into unhealthy habits. Additionally, because of the low expectations a permissive parent has for their teen, these teens end up displaying minimal academic achievement (“What Is Permissive Parenting”). Permissive parents barely install guidelines
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