What Is Parenting Styles

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Of the parenting styles presented in class: Martyr, Pal, Coach, Counselor and Police Officer, which is most effective/appropriate? Is one more effective/appropriate at a certain age or in a specific situation? Explain Child rearing is taking care of child until they are old enough to take care of themselves. The goal of every parent is to raise child to become a successful adult and there are good parenting style that can help. There is some parenting styles that could be effective and appropriate of course depending on the child. From the parenting styles that were taught in class the most effective and appropriate will be Athletic Coach, Teacher Counselor, Pal and Police Officer. The Athletic Coach parenting style is permissive and authoritative. This kind of style sets limits to the child and…show more content…
Overpermissive can be label as parents who don’t care. Parents don’t set any limits, no rules and no punishment. The parents believe that the child should learn from their own mistakes. The parents treat their kids like if they are friends because the parents think that the child might listen to them but of course it depends on the child. This kind of parenting style can cause to risk losing authority from the child. However, there is a positive side to this style parents also guide, advice and discipline their children. But every child had a different response to different parenting styles. The last effective parenting style is Police Officer which is authoritarian. Authoritative parents tend to be stricter and more consistent than authoritarian parents. The children of authoritarian parents believe that children by nature are strong minded. This kind of parenting style sets strict, rigid rules and punishment such as spanking. The child does not have much freedom and have no saying. Parents are there but only step in when you break a rule to discipline. Obedience is strictly enforce in this kind of parenting
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