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Optimistic. Confident about the future. Many people may designate this term to describe me. On the outside, I try to appear this way; whereas on the inside, I am the exact opposite. My “optimism” is something I display to make others content, so they expect an ideal outcome. We live in a sinister world, so I conceal my pessimism and attempt to bring some positivity into it with my deceiving optimism. In my opinion, it is better to foresee failure, than to expect success and be disappointed. School is a place where my pessimism doubtlessly shines. The chances that good luck won’t stop dropping into your lap are the equivalent to me achieving strong academic scores, remarkably unlikely. Basically, I already understand that I am not going to…show more content…
I quickly noticed that it wasn’t one of my regular journals, it was my creative writing book. Knowing my sister is an english major student going towards her doctorate, I quickly realized she could critique any small error, which caused my heart to drop into my stomach and make me instantly feel nauseous. I immediately started having a panic attack. With my my tightened airways and the feeling of a boulder on my chest, I was having difficulties breathing. My clammy hands tried to rip the book from my sisters tight grip, but all they did was slide right off as I fell to the ground. Everything went black. The next thing I know I’m lying on the floor with an intense headache. My sister was…show more content…
Running to the office I saw half my book sticking out of the loud machine. She was making copies of my stories. I felt so violated. Before I could cancel the process, the job was already complete. From the time I passed out to the time I got to the office, she managed to duplicate five of my stories. With all the files pasted into an email, my sister finally paused from her actions and explained what she was doing. Apparently, she had been secretly making my college application to the University of California. She read my stories and believed I had a natural talent in writing, and thought that because I had no plans of going to university she would force me to go if I earned a scholarship for my “astonishing” writing. I explained to her that there was no way I would get accepted, let alone a scholarship. After showing me the application, she tried to tell me that I was incredible but I kept denying it. Everything on that form was a lie, she made me sound like I was this amazing student, when really I am just me, an ordinary pessimist. Then she did something uncalled

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