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On a Tuesday evening you were off work and decided to download the latest dating app your friends would not stop talking about. You tell yourself you have nothing better to do and had no plans that night, so how bad could it really be? Within 30 minutes you are already matching others, some of which you considered to be out of your league, but you take it as a compliment and message a few people. Things lead to another and you go on a date after talking to a guy for a week. Yes, a week. Online dating has increased in popularity over the past decade and some would argue this is the new and improved way to find your Prince Charming, while others feel there are too many barriers are risks involved in the process, such as the false presentations of a profile, in addition…show more content…
Think about it, when dozens of attractive girls at your university start talking about this new dating app, how can one not at least download it out of curiosity? In the world of online dating, there are numerous indisputable perks to the process, such as the easy access, growth in technology, and our desire for relationships. In recent years online dating has become very successful from a profit standpoint and from a user point of view. The New York Times article “Love in the Time of No Time” brings up that just in 2003, Americans spent $214.3 million dollars on online dating, almost triple of what they spent just 2 years prior. Everyday you are interacting with people, some familiar and others not at all, some over an app and some face-to-face. Sometimes you even would like to get to know the stranger you see at the coffee shop, but with technology’s exponential growth in the past decade, human interaction can seem much more difficult or scary than it should be, but online dating takes away these barriers. Messaging a potential date is as easy as a few keystrokes. Some may argue that this is giving us

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