What Is Nursing Theory Essay

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Nursing Theory
Charlene Anderson, RN, BSN
NURS 5327
August 19, 2017

Nursing Theory

The profession of nursing was structured and molded through the work and study of theorist. Theoretical framework has enhanced nursing practice and provided guidance for nurses to be successful in their practice. The hard work of theorist has remained prevalent in nursing for the promotion of good patient outcomes through data management, environmental changes, patient independence in healing, and addressing essential needs.
What is Theory
Theory is explained as a set of concepts, definitions, relationships, and assumptions that amplify a systematic view of a phenomenon. Theory is made up of one or more specific and concrete
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Nursing began as a role of devotion of compassion and healing of the ill. As time has evolved those key components remain prevalent in the process and additional measures were identified as vital in healthcare. Healthcare and theory will have a continued relationship as outcomes and current evidence based practice is dependent on theory. Concepts of nursing practice are used as a framework for continued research. Healthcare professionals and educators continue to emphasize the importance of theoretical work of theorist like Florence Nightingale and Dorothea Orem. Concepts and science are important factors in healthcare and without the two the profession would lack foundation and guidance. Many factors that are implemented in healthcare are theory based and essential to practice to include data collection, patient education, meeting of basic needs, and treating the environment as well as the patient and…show more content…
Florence Nightingale addressed environmental needs in healthcare and theory was developed as a result of her work and established methods of promoting healing. A Journal on Nightingale’s Environmental Theory by Hegge, 2013, documents how Nightingale altered the environment to promote healing. The article describes her methods of cleaning the floors, food service delivery changes, and enhancement of the walls and lighting. As in current healthcare similar interventions remain in place for improved outcomes. In today patient care settings housekeepers work to keep care areas clean, minimizing bacteria and germs that would potentially delay healing. At night the lights are deemed and during the day blinds and shade are opened to allow the patient to experience night and day. Healthcare is evolving and care delivery settings continue to change and in all settings theory on environment is
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