What Is Nora's Role In A Doll House

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Nora’s Story; Her Big Click Woman were thought to be nothing more than an accessory to men. However, in the play “A Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen we are introduced to the main character, Nora, who changed the way many women would view themselves not only in their marriage but as well as in society. In many cases, it is clear to see how men might be holding woman back and in this play we see the different obstacles she has to go through that lead her to her final decision. Nora goes to show that woman can be much more than they offer even without men in their life. Sometimes all it takes is losing it all to realize what it is you have. “The Big Click” was an event that happened in Gloria Steinem’s life that changed it forever. She got pregnant…show more content…
She saw how awful and inconsiderate he was, Michael Wiseman shares with us in his article “Nora as a Doll in Henrik Ibsen’s Doll’s House” how “Nora imagines that Torvald would sacrifice his own reputation and future to save her, but Torvald tells her that he would not make the sacrifice, shattering Nora 's dream world.”. He was not taking into thought that if it was not for Nora he probably would have been dead. His reputation was all that mattered to him and I believe Nora wanted to do just as he was doing. She no longer wanted to be Helmer’s property, but instead she wanted to become her own person. She wanted to have her own opinions and she wanted to have her own…show more content…
It is sad that she has no say against this and ultimately ends up believing it herself. She decides to leave the kids with her nurse so they will not end up the same way she did.
In the article “Nora in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Komol in Saratchandra’s Shesh Proshino: A comparative study from feminist perspective” by Md. Nesar Uddin, he explains how Helmer “explodes into vulgar rage—he calls his wife a hypocrite, a liar, a criminal; he throws her father into her face. A sensible husband cannot behave towards his wife in such a beastly way as he did, no matter what the offence she has committed.”. Not to mention but once Helmer receives the letter confirming none of this chaos will get out he decides to forgive Nora.
He is showing how he can chose and pick when he wants to love Nora, or even play around with her. Exactly how a person plays with their dolls. They decide when they want to play with them and when they do not. It is clear to see how much he values his lovely Nora who he claims to be in love with. However she is the one to blame for acting childlike with him, but her childlike days are over and she does not want to entertain her
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