What Is Net Neutrality

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Page 2:The Internet is a boundless system used for the individual to enhance, and occasionally consume their internal programming of a daily schedule, their life. It has not only transformed how humans interact and communicate with one another, but has offered a new form of government involvement.
Thesis: The government has influences all around us, from blank to blank. The influence of the Internet is in doubt tapping in on an individuals privacy with the I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY FOR MY THESIS.

Technology is taking over our ordinary lives daily.
56 percent of Americans own a smartphone.
Over 70 percent of United States adults keep their smartphone within five feet of them at all time .

The word “internet” is 30 years old while its networks …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the internet has transformed how humans interact and communicate with one another, and offered a new form of government involvement.
  • Opines that the internet is in doubt tapping in on an individual's privacy with the i dont know what to say for my thesis.
  • Explains that the internet is 30 years old and its networks surpass the age, including the simple email at age 40. the advanced research projects agency network was created as a project for the u.s.
  • Explains that the internet has taken space in rooms and in the mindset of individuals, and now forced their presence in ordinary objects that find themselves in a home.
  • Explains that the chairman of the federal communications committee, tom wheeler, proposed new regulations that prohibit internet providers from slowing or blocking legal data from the consumer.
  • Explains that supporters of the net neutrality act want the federal communications committee to reclassify broadband isps as common carriers. netflix signed a deal with internet providers comcast and verizon that increases the speed and quality of their streaming on the providers networks.
  • Explains that individuals opposed to net neutrality are speaking out and arguing that it is a limited commodity.
  • Explains that the federal communications committee is forced to obtain a new set of rules due to the previous guidelines being dis guarded by federal courts in january, 2014.
  • Explains that the use of "white space" has been approved unanimously for broadband, an important advancement for the federal communications committee.

Net Neutrality, or Internet Neutrality, is a source of extensive debate on the stage of modern technology that questions whether it should be allowed to be required by law. Net Neutrality is a principal that allows internet providers to enable access to all content regardless of the sources. The new rules would require that all content be equally viewed for the consumers. However, this excludes heart-rate monitors and other special services allowing them to be unaffected with the new rules. So in terms for the average individual; providers including Comcast, Verizon, including other giants of the communicating industry treat all data and trafficking equally. This idea has opened the doors of debate to question whether the United States government should turn Net Neutrality into law; and adds another motive to examine the governments slowly and lingering presence in our lives, will it ever go too far? Supporters of the Net Neutrality Act want the Federal Communications Committee to reclassify broadband ISP’s as common carriers. This would have companies give the same service to every customer, unlike “paid prioritization”. Netflix, a movie and tv show streaming provider recently signed a deal with internet providers Comcast and Verizon that increases the speed and quality of their streaming on the providers networks; Netflix is one of the bigger supporters of Net Neutrality . Some advocates claim that rules should be in place to expedite the priority of internet

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