What Is Neglectful Parenting?

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. Parenting is so important in a child’s development in every area of their life. Society has so many issues that can relate to no, bad, lack, abusive, and abandonment parenting. Issues that affect every one of us in public health in our society. Every kind of issues especially with young children to young adults is on a rise like never before. Children 's illnesses, suicide, mental illness, abandonment, accidents, massive school killings, child abuse by teachers, child pornography, parents’ child abuse, child bullying, juvenile crime, child trafficking, teenage homelessness, teenage getting STDs and HIV, teenage pregnancy and underachievement all have increased in massive amount. Somewhere along the way it has become less important.…show more content…
This style was founded most effective and healthiest for the parent and the growing and developing child. The important area in this style is the communication with the children. It allows the children to speak and express themselves without the parent responding with a judgement or punishment. Neglectful parenting is the most harmful parenting style. Parents don’t respond to any of the child’s behavior, whether it’s emotional, physical, or just no involvement. The most damaging area is no communication between parents and the child. No communication can cause many problems in the behavior in children later in life, especially in the developing relationship. Permissive parenting is another harmful style. The parents are involved in their children’s life, but don’t punish or discipline them. The children don’t have boundaries. There are no set rules or if the parents have rules they can be compromised to avoid conflict. With this lack of discipline comes little self-control and unhealthy behavior in the child. Children raised in this style of parenting grow up believing there is no consequences for bad
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