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When a group of people fight back for pride in their country, that is currently controlled by another. It is called Nationalism, and Nationalism is a powerful force, when a group of citizens have unrelentless hate for their government, and want to represent themselves in their own country and have an identity.
Nationalism occurs when a nation wants to unify into one, or is owned by another large empire, they all band together to defeat, and fight for their freedoms. Wanting freedom, and your own culture, ethnic and religious group many nations feel that it’s significant that they have to represent themselves in government. Nationalism often encouraged feelings of hate for the group in control, Father Miguel Hidalgo grew support for a revolution against Spain, and they fought against the Spaniards, they want to recover the lands stolen by them, and kill the enemies of the rebellion (Doc 8)
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Northern Italy had unification with The Kingdom of Italy,it was governed by Napoleon but fell along with Napoleon, and that made fighting for Italian unification more important for the people that have tasted unification, and after The Congress of Vienna, they were divided into independent states, and that is not what the people wanted.
They fought back, The Young Italy movement inspired so many revolutions afterwards, leaving empires like The Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary, worried because when they don’t have control, they become weaker and weaker until they eventually fall.

The Unification of Germany occurred under the leadership of Otto Von Bismarck, and William I, Nationalism was prominent in Germany and Prussia was the dominant war, Otto Von Bismarck united the German Empire together to defeat Napoleon, and with the Austro-Prussian war, Prussia became the dominant German force, having the strongest military, William I and Otto Von Bismarck ruled

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