What Is Myofascial Release (MFR)?

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Myofascial Release
What is Myofascial Release (MFR)?
The main goal of a physical therapy (PT) is to keep patients functional, active, and pain free for as long as physically possible. One of the several tools that are used by physical therapists to help ensure an individual’s long term functionality is myofascial release. Essentially, myofascial release is a type of muscle tissue therapy that uses pressure to target tightness in fascial tissue in order to reduce pain, improve range of motion (ROM), and correct blood flow restrictions.
Where does the term MFR originate?
Myofascial is an adjective that combines two terms: “myo”, from the Greek word “mus” meaning muscle, and the anatomical term fascia (“Myo”). Although its roots can be traced
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The theory behind MFR is to utilize massage to return fascial tissue to an optimal condition via heat and mechanical stress. When enough force is applied over affected areas for an extended period of time, fascial tissue is able to return to its natural “gel-like” state thus increasing soft tissue compliance and ROM (Macdonald et al. 819). MFR facilitates a progression of structural changes in restricted fascia. These changes alleviate pressure attributed to the tightening of fascial tissue on pain sensitive areas (nerves, blood vessels, joints, etc.) (Barnes…show more content…
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