What Is Myers Briggs Personality Assessment

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Myers-Briggs Personality Type indicator is used to understand normal personality differences. It therefore explains how we interact with others and is also use by thousands of corporations worldwide. This is done with the use of an assessment or questionnaire. Base on this assessment, many companies and organizations use these within the workplace for reason such as produces insightful reports about employee or help to determine if someone is fit for the job. Persons who take the assessment make important life decisions base on the results they receive. The results also have a significant impact on a person‘s understanding of themselves and especially their self esteem. The results can also affect how individual for instance on a team interact with each other as well as the assessment can help identify sources of job satisfaction. In my opinion taking the Myers Briggs Type Inventory can provide a lot of insights into ones personality which enable persons to better understand themselves and others as well. Also this Inventory can also be helpful and resourceful here in Jamaica e...
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