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My personality was ISFJ which stands for Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. I plan to discuss all four characteristics in this paper. The theories I plan to talk about in my paper are Psychodynamic, Social Cognitive, and Trait. I would describe myself as a weird individual. I am quiet but if I really know you really well I can be very goofy and exciting. When I am around a lot of people or people I do not really talk much. Most of the time I observe my surrounding, hearing conversations, seeing facial expressions of those I should not have seen. I do not like expressing how I feel and my emotions. A lot of people see me as always laughing and crazy person but sometimes that is hiding what is really going on in my brain. I am a heavy thinker. In many cases the reason I am quiet is because I am thinking. My boyfriend describes me a mean girlfriend but if was not mean I would not love him. I am laid back, and very calm. Sensitivity can also describe my personality because I can see other people cry and it tears my emotions…show more content…
This means I get most on my energy from my inner world. I like to think about what I am doing before I act upon it. For example, sometimes I lie to my mother about where I am going and sometime who I am with. Before I even tell my mom, I actually think about it before I do it. I really have bad luck and I think about how something could go wrong or I could wreck. I think about the negative consequences of lying because I really want some space. A perspective to go with this trait would have to be psychodynamic theory because my id is telling to lie to her anyway even though there is a negative consequence with trying to have a positive effect. “The id operates according to the pleasure principle…. avoid pain.” (Gazzaniga and Grison, 429) The id is telling me about the pleasure of lying and getting away with it. I feel now that I am getting older, she does not need to know my every

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