What Is My Ideal Career Essay

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"What do you want to be when you grow up?" It 's the question every child begins to hear as young as two, and the answer changes over the years. At two, it 's a princess, or a police officer, or a fire fighter. At eight, it 's a vet, or a soldier, or a doctor. At sixteen, your answer starts to actually get taken seriously. A doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an engineer, they all are common answers. The reason behind many of them are intent and talent. A child with a love or airplanes and a knack for math and physics may become an aeronautical engineer, and they would likely be successful, if they worked hard and kept the motivation. In order to find my "ideal" career, where I could be both successful and feel rewarded with what I was doing, I looked at my grades and what I liked. I got…show more content…
If I 'm not prepared for class, I 'm not going to learn in class. I 'm not going to make the grades I need. Most of all, I 'm not going to be showing excellence in what I do. So, I 'm going to make sure that I 'm prepared for class, including reading all materials, writing down questions to ask in class, and studying my notes and the resources online before quizzes and tests. Preparing for class requires one hundred percent, and to be successful, I will give that one hundred percent. Next, the actual time spent in class needs to be used wisely. Lectures and labs are tools, valuable tools, that need to be used. Therefore, one of the best things I can do is take good notes, listening well, and asking questions to make sure I fully understand the topic. Class involvement is necessary to understand the material fully, and so is listening intently, with the purpose of understanding the material, not just passing the class. If I 'm just studying to pass the exam, I 'm not going to be read when I get a job, especially if I get my dream job. Then, I will not do that job well, or keep that
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