What Is My First Year Of College Essay

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Throughout my academic history I have always struggled with my grades. In order to fully comprehend something I am the type of learner who has to read a passage at least a dozen times before I begin to understand what the text means. In terms of assignments, multiply reading the directions by five, ten if it pertains to anything mathematics. Long story short, I am an excruciatingly slow learner. Although I am a slow learner I did outstanding my first semester in my first year of college. Through wise time management, adding extra study hours, and self-motivation I succeeded in my first semester of college. I graduated high school early in the spring of 2011 but just fall of last year I finally enrolled in college. I was not sure what to expect since I am the first person in my family to go to college. Not only am I the first to go to college in my family but I was also four years rusty of being in an educational environment at the time of my enrollment. Once I started class though, I could tell right away that it would be the same as high school, possibly worse. The first few weeks were relatively simple. In the beginning all the lessons pertained to were introductions of classmates, professors, and…show more content…
Upon entering I was expecting college to be similar to my high school experience. So far, after taking one semester, my prediction has been pretty spot on. My grades lingered in the lower areas for quite some time, just like they did in high school. After reevaluating how I managed my time, adding in extra study hours, and upping my amount of self-motivation I seen a huge improvement with my grades. The study strategies I used such as making quizzes, and reviewing key terms on flash cards really helped me retain more information. After sticking with all these strategies I eventually received all A’s at the end of my courses. My first semester in college made me feel extremely proud of
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