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I am a person who loves to talk. Most people find me to be an open book. I forget that many things are not socially acceptable to talk about and will chat away often leaving the other person uncomfortable. But what about the time I kept a secret. My depression is something I don 't like to talk about to people. During my junior year in high school it got especially bad. At that time I overloaded myself with classes and after school activities. I also was very lucky to have a boyfriend but some of my already sparse time was spent with him. As the days grew shorter and colder I found myself receding into my room more. Instead of going out with friend I would choose to hide myself in the comforts of my room. When I did I would regret my decision immediately but did not have the mental energy to reach out to people. My parents and friends notice and they tried to help but whenever they encouraged me to speak out about it I would deny everything. I didn 't want their judgement. I didn 't want them to reject me for my attitude. I didn 't want them to brush it off as nothing. I was so scared of what people would do when they figured out what was happening. When I would browse the internet or watch tv I saw the people who went to therapy as burdens. That 's what…show more content…
Teenagers everywhere have to deal with depression and anxiety holding them back. In the end what got me through mine was courage. The courage to stand up against myself. What I was so afraid of was just problems that I had made up in my mind. If I had not stood up and spoke about my problems I don 't think I would be here today to talk about them. I can proudly say that courage is what got me through some of the hardest times in my life so far. I am also happy to report that I am doing so much better. I no longer think of myself as a burden on my friends and family. I enjoy every aspect of life and can 't wait to continue on wherever my journey takes

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