What Is My Culture Essay

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Culture is what makes us unique, interesting individuals in our special own way. The way my parents raised me was very traditional and somewhat strict. I have a family of six which include, my little sister, myself, my older sister, my older brother and of course my parents. They come from an Ecuadorian background but after living in America for so long, they’ve “Americanized” some of their old cultures to have a mix of both. We were always told to respect our elders because of their knowledge. Family gatherings were always very important and checking up on each other weekly was a must. School was another very important factor in our culture. We were always reminded that if we wanted to do or be anything in life, school would always have to be our first priority. Thanksgiving is also a…show more content…
My immediate family and my father’s sister immediate family all reunites at her house every year with our own special dishes. We dedicate this time to give thanks for all that we are blessed with. Before dinner every one of us speaks and gives thanks for something that happened that year. We also dedicate this time to celebrate life with music and drinks. Of course there are years we encounter tougher situations than the previous year but we make sure to always be grateful we are alive and healthy because tomorrow is never promised. This tradition started the first year they had my oldest brother (their first born). They felt as if it was their duty to make sure he appreciated all the sacrifices they’ve been through to get to where they were and understand the importance of family since not every one is fortunate enough. As time went by and they expanded their family, it only became more important. We also were always close to my father’s sister because we all kind of struggled together and were each other’s backbones. Of course we had other families who helped but because they lived so nearby we spent more time