What Is My Best Friend Essay

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My Best Friend People cannot choose their identities from the day they were born; however, they can choose to bully others. For instance, my best friend is the one who got bullied when he was in middle school because my classmates thought he was poor and ugly. For me, he is one of the best people that I have ever met. He taught me everything about life, skills, and shared with me many secrets as a best friend did. The day he decided to leave this world forever made me surprised and realize that bullying is truly the scariest thing for some reasons: it comes to a person intentionally, it makes life unfair, and it brings people down even they are the optimistic ones. I still remember that sad day when I go to my middle school. Through the…show more content…
After that, my schoolmaster discuss about school’s problems and rankings of each grade. I am so excited because my class ranks second this week. However, the sadness on my best friend’s face still remains. I do try to tell him a joke and encourage him, but he looks so awful and does not say anything back. During break time, I seriously ask if what happened to him, and to hear the story that he was harassed two days ago makes my heart break. He was robbed and bullied by the gangsters, and he has not eaten anything for two days. All of the money his mother gave him for buying food was taken away, so he was scared to tell her about that. Due to his family finance, his mother has become a workaholic, and she hardly can manage her time taking care of him. He was also attacked and humiliated by other classmates on his way home. The scars on his face and arms keep recalling me how hard he has to suffer after all these times. I wish I could have helped him out like giving him money, or stopped other people from bullying him. Unfortunately, my parents would not allow me to keep money or get into others’ business. Therefore, I offer him to come to my house for a meal after school, and he shyly accepts that. Indeed, I am so lucky that bullying did not happen to me, but it did to my best friend
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