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Autism spectrum disorder is a disorder in which children struggle with communication and social interaction. Therefore, there are many things that can be put into place for a child with ASD to be able to function “normally” on a daily basis. Music therapy is one strategy that has been proven to be very successful with a child who has this disorder. There are many children with autism who really do not respond to verbal communication or social speech. However, they tend to respond better to language that is given through music. Music therapy is a great strategy that works differently for every child. It really depends on the child. Furthermore, it is a great method where singing, playing, and even movement is utilized to create a therapeutic experience. This therapy “is described as a procedure of intervention that makes use of the potential for social engagement and expression of emotions occurring through improvisational music making” (Geretsegger, Holck, Carpente, Elefant, Kim & Gold, 2015). With music therapy, there are different ways it can be implemented. It can be used “in various frameworks (e.g., music-centered, psychodynamic, etc.), and is depicted as a child-centered approach where a trained music therapist uses active, spontaneous music making and the relationship that develops…show more content…
In the article, “Music therapy: An Effective Approach in Improving Social Skills of Children with Autism” (2015), the author discusses a trial that was performed twenty-seven children over a forty-five day period. The children participated in several experiments, while using this strategy, while testing their social skills. There were two groups, one that received interventions and ones that did not. The results proved “that MT is an effective method with deep and consistent effects on improving social skills of children with autism” (Hosseini, Fayyaz, Arab, Naghashian, Poudineh, & Ghasemtabar,

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