What Is Multicultural Education Essay

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A very big issues in the United States are the immigration laws and controversies among the American people. America is known to be a culturally diverse country, welcoming all who desire the American dream. Many white Americans strongly disagree with immigrants being in this country. Americans target the Latinos more than they do any other racial group. America, the land of the free, the land of endless opportunities is full or prejudice, racism, and discrimination. The truth to the matter is that immigrants from all across the world bring something new to America, immigrants bring to the United States diversity and culture. Unfortunately, many native-born Americans strongly dislike immigrants coming to this country. This causes many problems…show more content…
To be able to work in their careers again, they must attend college in America. This can be hard to do considering that these people fled for some reason and do not always have the money to attend American education since it is highly expensive. “The purpose of multicultural education is to create awareness about issues that affect different cultural groups. In an effort to eliminate social inequalities, multicultural education has been studied and researched from multiple perspectives.” (Djebrane page 1). Personally, I am Latina and I know many Latin American people that are engineers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, and architects back home but they are not easily allowed to work at their practice here in America. It is unfortunate because there are many great minds that migrate here but yet these people live in constant fear of deportation and constant discrimination. Accepting multiculturalism is working great for Canada, the country thrives while America declares it a major issue to look at, “Canada became the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as official state policy in 1971. Since then, Canada has been looked upon with admiration by leaders in many parts of the world for being one of the most successful pluralist societies in the world.” (Frideres, page 1). When Americans say that immigrants come here and take their jobs, that is a very narrow-minded thing to say. Immigrants come to America and they cannot even continue the practice they worked for in their country, they come here to take the jobs that Americans will not do. Native born Americans have every opportunity to become successful and yet they still target immigrants for taking low-paying jobs with no benefits. Latin Americans that are here illegally mostly take jobs as janitors, garbage men, maids, housekeepers, taxi drivers, and maintenance workers. These
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