What Is Morality?

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Morality is not exactly a widely discussed topic in today’s day and age. Morality in its most basic definition is principals concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. What is morally right or wrong is a distinction that plagues the world. Morality isn 't the same from person to person, different cultures, some are universal, and some are just basic human emotion. I believe that morality is almost like a code of conduct or unspoken rules our very soul follows our entire life. Why is morality important? Why does morality have such strong pull over us? What happens when someone has no morals? These are all questions that one point in time we have all asked and that I am going to explore.
Morality for me is what governs my day to day choices and has helped shaped me as a person. Morality
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Being told this as a child not only in school but by our parents as if this was a rule to live by. It feels as if it is like this unspoken rule that must be followed by everyone almost as if it is encoded in our very DNA. This golden rule is so important to our life and our generations we should pass it on so it is never forgotten. Morality is important to our very existence and it is what is important to our very survival as mankind. Without treating others as we would want to be treated we follow down a path that we may never return from. I’m positive that if this code was an actual code that we lived by people would be much humbler. It is possible with this Golden Rule that there would be no murder and we would have peace on Earth. It seems that not only is morality encoded in our DNA but it is also in our brain, compelling us to do what is right and what is wrong without even a conscious
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