What Is Marriage Essay

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Webster’s definition of marriage is a union between two loved ones, but do we all have a concept of what marriage truly is. The way we view marriage today differs greatly from the past. Our views and opinions on marriage and its meaning have changed considerably. Marriage is not necessarily less valued, but just viewed differently. Some might see marriage as a promise two god and two loved ones. Other people might see marriage as a contract. Marriage has been around for more than recorded history. It is present in every known human society. However, there is no single, universally accepted definition of what marriage is. It is a constantly evolving institution with many different facets. It varies with every group and culture.
Divorce for
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My parents got divorce when I was just a couple months old. I was a baby I couldn’t remember anything. My older sister which was five years old at the time saw the divorce and witnessed it all. My mother remarried when I was a year old I also didn’t see or remember my step dad come into the picture, although my sister saw everything. She always hated him and felt very resentful and I felt no way. We both grew up with my mother and stepfather the relationship was very different now that they have their own two daughters. We grew up having to be very independent resilient and hard working. Although statistics show in the video that kids that grow up in a divorced family or in a “broken home” were more likely to get in to drugs and be very rebellious. For many those statistics may be true but for my sister and me it is not applicable I am a hard working college student with no children and no drug abuse and my sister is a kind pre-school teacher who loves her job and in a healthy non abusive relationships. Nowadays, roughly one out of two American households contains a married couple with minor children. The study of social development features many issues, such as attachment and parenting styles, that are central to understanding how infants progress to childhood and adolescence and
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