What Is Marriage? An Essay

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What is marriage? According to Girgis, a philosophy Ph.D. candidate at Princeton, George, a visiting professor at Harvard Law School and Anderson, a Fellow at the Heritage Foundation (246), marriage takes place when a man and a woman unite and make a permanent, exclusive commitment to each other that characterized by bearing children and raising them together. The spouses legitimize and revive their union through taking part in conjugal activities that may entail the reproduction process which brings them together are a reproductive unit. The oxford dictionary, in its delineation of the word marriage, mentions that it is a unification that involves a male and a female as partners in a relationship (Seale 20). Marriages make majority of mankind more meaningful. This therefore creates a common question that seeks to understand the reason why people of the same sex would want to marry each other. Besides property and other legal issues that may be addressed by other legislations, there is no other reason why people of the same sex would fight tooth and nail to get married. The main arguments that are against same sex marriages are definitional in that marriage should involve different sexes and thus should entail people of the same sex. Therefore, the people who came up with the statutes that address marriage may have contemplated different sex-couples regardless of the fact that the statute is not gendered. The promotion and as well as constitutional acknowledgement of same sex unions does serve the interests of the common good as it basically goes against the grain of the universe. Rubbing contrary to the grain of divine structure is bound to result in splinters or a worse of situation where everyone will develop their own defini... ... middle of paper ... ...pose of that action. John Corvino, Chair of the Philosophy Department at Wayne State University and Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage, who are authors of Debating Same-Sex Marriage argue that any scenario that makes it possible to sidestep the purpose of the sexual act goes against the natural law as well as the impartial virtues of morality (27). Since natural law is universal and unchallengeable, it is etched in the nature of human beings and is the same to all the human beings in the same way. Human nature guides and prohibits constantly, everyone and at all times and even Saint Paul in the bible taught the Romans that natural law was carved into every person’s heart. In an ideal marriage, the male along with the female partner are like a strings and bows as the strings bend the bows while the bows tightens the strings.

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