What Is Mandatory Attendance In College?

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Mostly, every student at the beginning of each semester tries to find out which classes they will be taking and at the same time which one they could miss. Therefore, attendance and participation being part of a class final grade breakdown on the handed syllabus of a professor becomes the students worst nightmare. Much to the displeasure of most students, a highly debated subject of attendance taking in college. Mainly, on the other side, professors are just in the business of getting students to learn at the same time participate in class as the students also want to be adults. In all cases, attending classes are beneficial in every way, but does not need to be mandatory. Mandatory attendance in college has always been a highly debated subject.…show more content…
However, professors requiring student attendance in college is very well understood. Consequently, lack of attendance in class could ultimately result in minimizing essential student-teacher interaction and at the same time decrease the class size. So, by attending class, students are provided with the opportunity to learn from their classmates and, socialize. Attending class also provides students with a chance to socialize and learn from their classmates, (Snyder & Frank, 2016).
In addition, these strict attendance policies in college will afford students the chance to prepare for their future employers who will expect little to no absences without a doubt. In the real world, companies expect employees to show up to work on time as scheduled and be prepared for work. At the same time, employees must remain at work for the entire scheduled work time and lateness to work or early departure from work are not tolerated since they are disruptive to productivity. The purpose, just like in college is to promote efficiency and productivity, (Kube & Ratigan,
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Moreover, students will ultimately get sick. If they are contagious, they could pass on their sickness to everyone else in the class. Also, things will come up and students are going to miss lectures even if it hurts their grade. They might even show up for class late so that they are not penalized but may not pay attention. Therefore, professors need to come up a policy that excludes students who may get sick during the semester, as a result, save other healthy students in the class. So, if that happens the students should not be penalized with a proof from a doctor or a clinic showing the time and kind of
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