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Survival and Society: A Personality Theory Leah Kirkland Personal History Leah Kirkland was born in suburban South Carolina to Dan and Christine. Dan worked as an environmental engineer and was often on the road, leaving Christine as a stay at home mom to three kids. Leah was the only girl, the middle child between two boys, and much of her young childhood was spent playing outside or with legos with her brothers. When Leah was ten, her father was offered a position working as a contractor with Robins Air Force Base in Georgia, which would allow him to be home everyday. He accepted the position to allow more time with the family, but, despite that, he worked often worked over time, and the family spent very little time all together. Leah’s mother had been very warm but firm, gently guiding her children into their teenage years, but when they moved to Georgia, she got involved in her own preoccupations with school work, and was therefore distanced from the now teen and pre-teens. She did, however, set strict rules about curfew and dating, and expected the whole family to go to church every Sunday, and to conform to her christian values. As Leah grew older, she felt distanced and isolated from her family. Her dad worked long hours, and she developed interests that differed from her brothers. She felt that her mother was too restrictive, and would not tolerate any values or ideas and interests that differed from her own. As a sixteen year old, Leah tried to pursue a career in modeling, but after months of increasing pressure from her mother on dieting, as well as a wish for a more laid-back hobby, she quit and instead found an outlet in theatre, and academic pursuits. Throughout her teenage years, Leah desired freedom to be her... ... middle of paper ... ...ognize the strengths of their own unique set of traits, and how they can use their traits to be a healthy and happy member of society. The therapist will help clients identify the patients perceived role in society, and if it causing them unhappiness, steps will be taken to adjust their current behaviors to a role more suited to their personality. The goal of therapy is to help the client find balance between their personality traits and their behaviors that they learned from society, and to help them adapt those traits to achieve a healthy life functioning. Therapy will help clients efficiently utilize their own personal strengths, and build on their weaknesses. It is important for the therapist to have a warm relationship with the client, because human relationships are vital to happiness and good mental health, and the therapist can model a healthy relationship.

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