What Is Leadership Pitfall?

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Failing to Celebrate Victories. Another pitfall that leaders may fall into is failing to celebrate working accomplishments. I experienced this pitfall working with my head teacher Debbie. For instance, the celebrations at work were not always honoring a victory, but we had an end of the year parties and sometimes holiday parties. Debbie never came to any of the parties. Of course, my coworkers and I felt that she was not part of our team and did not care about us or our work. Several years in a row we had an end of the year party’s in the classroom after the children would leave to help relax and talk about all of the good things that happened through the year. Every one of these parties Debbie would leave before the party began and never…show more content…
The last leadership pitfall is when leaders overwork their employees (Comaford, 2014). Many employers believe that short periods of having their employees work harder and longer will pay off with short term gains and makeup for previous slower productivity (Stillman, 2014). However, there is a recent study called the Towers Watson 2012 Global Workforce study and it explains that making employees work harder does not end with businesses thriving and not even when its temporary (Stillman, 2014). The Towers Watson 2012 global workforce study “concludes that the traditional definition of engagement – the willingness to invest discretionary effort on the job- is no longer sufficient to fuel top performance in a world of relentlessly increasing demand, the problem is that “willing” doesn’t guarantee “able” (Stillman, 2014, papa. 4) The study also finds that the businesses that overwork their employees will have productivity problems and employees will eventually quit their jobs. Another, the Towers Watson study says that the Sustainable engagement is more important because it will allow the work surroundings to activate employees by helping their personal, emotional, and communal happiness (Stillman,

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