What Is Kwezi's Archetype Of The Self?

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Like Spiderman, Kwezi is also prone to being short sighted and can be impulsive - a quality often associated with youth (Mkize [sa]:[sp]).
While many American superheroes are known to hide their true identity, there are a few who enjoy being in the limelight. Like Tony Stark in Ironman, Kwezi is arrogant and wants people to know who he is and does not hide his face. However, his motivation for helping people is not only to get famous (SmithsonianX 2015:[Sp]).
Kwezi is easy to identify with as a young adult living in an urban space because the youth in Johannesburg struggles to balance between their culture, heritage and the contemporary digital world. Since 1994, South Africa has increasingly been exposed to American pop culture media which
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The poster (figure 2) foreshadows that Kwezi will mature and take on the responsibility of a superhero. The circle on Kwezi’s necklace could link to the Jung’s archetype of the Self. Jung often represented this archetype with a circle, square or a mandala (Archetypes 2015). This archetype is the union of the unconscious and conscious mind (Archetypes 2015).
Kwezi’s character fits the ‘S-Archetype’ of a superhero. As Lee (2013:41) explains, superheroes have two main archetypes: the S-type (Superman-type) and the B-type (Batman-type). Kwezi wears bright primary colours. His normal outfit (and his superhero costume as seen in the poster) puts him in this category. According to Lee (2013:41) S-type heroes are straightforward about their intentions. Kwezi’s body language is confident, he stands erect and moves ‘smoothly’ “…with no furtive movements” showing that Kwezi does not hide who he is (Lee
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Heroes are associated with martyrdom and rises above ego (The Archetypes of the Hero's Journey 2015). Kwezi, however, is still egoistic and works to fuel his ego by managing public perception (Kwezi [sa]:[sp]). Christopher Vogler states that a hero has to deal with inner conflict (The Archetypes of the Hero's Journey 2015). In the case of Kwezi, he needs to confront his past, his family to accept who he really is (Kwezi [sa]:[sp]).
At this stage of the story, Kwezi fits Jung’s archetype ‘shadow’. The shadow is part of the unconscious mind and is made up of suppressed desires and shortcomings (The Archetypes of the Hero's Journey 2015). Kwezi’s unwillingness to face his past has not been explained yet but it can be linked to the reason behind Kwezi’s desire to be popular. Kwezi’s mentor – Mohau – tries to peel away his persona and ego in order to reveal Kwezi’s ‘true self’ (Kwezi [sa]:[sp]). The Self is also classified as an archetype which is the convergence of the unconscious and conscious (The Archetypes of the Hero's Journey

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