What Is Kindness Essay

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Kindness Kindness is the key to most everything. Being kind means taking the high road, even when someone has wronged you. It means serving other people, even under inconvenient circumstances.It involves looking for the good in others, and even helping them to see the good in themselves. Kindness is spreading happiness to make other’s day better and by making them smile. Kindness is defending those who are picked on by others, sitting by those who are lonely, and saying hi to someone in the hall. Kindness is being someone who wants to build up those around them. My favorite act of kindness is complimenting someone, because it lights up their face and a wide smile usually spreads across their face. I know that when I’ve been complimented, it often makes my day tons better. Speaking kindly about other people is a huge part of this value. Your words stick with people longer than you could ever imagine. I’m sure everybody has at least one memory that they still can recall perfectly about someone saying something about them, whether positive or negative. So, it is very important to keep our words soft, and to…show more content…
Honesty means that we shouldn’t deceive others or take things that aren’t ours. It means following the rules, and if you break one, don’t try and deny it, just own your mistake and accept the consequence. Additionally, it is important to learn from those mistakes. If we all just hid our mistakes, we would never learn. Last year I was getting food out of a vending machine. Counting the change I had been returned, I noticed that it had given me back a dollar too much. Now, stopping here, if I were to follow my value of honesty, I would give the money back and inform them of what happened. If I weren’t following the value, I would either keep the money, or buy another scrumptious snack to devour. I ended up taking the money back to the office, and I’m certainly glad that I
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