What is Joseph M. Williams' 'The Phenomenology of Error' about?

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The Phenomenology of Error is a passage that is written by Joseph M. Williams. He evaluates through the concept that errors of grammar and usage are puzzling. Many believe that we understand the true meaning behind grammar, but we do not. Without a doubt, William repeatedly questioned what defines error and who decides what an error is. Throughout the passage William attempts to describe how the professionals who create rules for grammatical errors tend to break those rules themselves. William elaborates on how the social problems that exist in our society are neglected greatly because we focus on the issues of grammar to a greater extent. Our disapproval for grammar errors had always been seen as a larger problem. The idea that people take…show more content…
Williams claims that errors of grammar and usage are the most complex topics, which have been easily misunderstood by many people in our world today. Whether the grammar has to do specifically with literature or not, it has always obtained errors. William notably supports his claim by giving specific examples of professionals who have stated grammatical errors according to what they think is “right.” William also provided some personal experience and textual evidence to express credibility and accuracy of his argument. William’s argument is effective because the main points he focused on with evidence were powerful and stood out to the audience. The real life examples that William demonstrated to the audience gave a strong base to his argument because he showed how grammar errors actually exist in our society. He made it evident that the audience had their eyes opened to topic that had been ignored in the past. William achieved his argument by providing real life situations and by looking at various researches that analyzed the existence of errors in grammar. However, the ways that William could have made his argument more effective is by not having comments that seemed too self- indulgencing. Also he could have taken out evidence like the graphs that didn’t make
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