What Is Job Satisfaction?

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WHAT IS JOB SATISFACTION IT IS THE LEVEL OF FULFILLMENT AN INDIVIDUAL FEELS TOWARDS THE JOB. If introspected deeply then there are different aspects that influence this sense of fulfillment. It is a continuous process and the perspective changes in different stage of life. If we correlate job satisfaction to MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS, we primarily address the rewards of an organization to employee satisfaction and life cycle. Few models of job satisfaction if applied correctly to appropriate employee will help managers attain higher levels of job satisfaction. MODEL Theory Manager Implications Need Fulfillment When expectations are met employee is satisfied such as pay, promotion Managers can take opinions to assess whether employees are happy or understand their concerns. Value attainment The job allows the fulfillment of certain individual work values. Restructuring work environment, linking rewards and recognition to values important to employees Equity How fairly the employee has been treated in terms of work outcomes, treatment. Assess should create an environment of transparency and fairness such equal opportunity, recognize hard work and achievement of goals. An organization has diverse workforce and employees in various phases of life. The above co-relation between Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and perception of job satisfaction for employees at different stages of life will help managers understand what pleases the employees and how to connect performance goals to them. Thereby achieving a win-win situation for the company by accomplishing organizational objectives and employee job satisfaction. HOW CAN THIS BE ATTAINED? Through2 a continuous course of dialogue between a manager and an employee that happens ... ... middle of paper ... ...ployees. 9. Financial benefits such as stock options, profit sharing etc. help manifest a common goal between the employee and the management such as overall profitability of the company. Managers should link the setting of objectives, individual goals to such rewards. 10. Involving employees in knowledge sharing, idea generation, collaboration, will helps employees feel more confident and use the existing chances to take decisions or reduce the limitations that stop them to make regular decisions. 11. By sharing information, the managers create an environment of transparency, fairness and trust thereby developing credibility for themselves and they will have the desired impact on their employees. 12. Being a manager who is always guiding, or ready to be consulted in challenging situations will inspire employees who are yearn organization, team or work attachment.
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