What Is Jennifer Conlin's The Freedom To Choose Your Pronoun?

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How do you describe yourself? What is gender to you? Are you comfortable with yourself? In “The Freedom to Choose Your Pronoun” by Jennifer Conlin, she talks about high school and college students who question the gender roles being assigned to individuals due to being born female or male. Supporters of preferred gender pronouns (also known as P.G.P’s), are glad to be able to choose their own pronoun as in to how they feel about their selves and not in how society sees them. In agreement to Conlin, anyone deserves the right to choose their own pronoun at whatever age desired, if someone feels confused of what they feel within themselves, they shouldn’t hide it, they should speak up and receive support to decide what they really want their…show more content…
For those who feel unsure of their inner feeling of their sex they prefer to be described as other, they, or them. For example, in “The freedom to Choose Your Pronoun” by Conlin, she talks about the 16 year old Katy, who mentions ‘For those of us in the nonconforming gender community, it is great to see Google make the option more mainstream’”. Teenagers are by nature prone to rebellion and sometimes only act a certain way to make parents or others mad or just to give the contrary. With something like choosing your own pronoun, as in deciding if they want to be a female today and a male tomorrow shouldn’t be taken as serious, but if they insist on being a gender as oppose to the one they were born with, take them seriously and help them. Many clubs and organizations exist out there for those who need the help in deciding how they feel within themselves. Giving individuals the right to choose their pronoun will make them feel accepted in society. Now, not always will this happen. Naturally, everyone knows that if an individual looks like a girl and have all characteristics of a girl then she will be pointed as a her, she and vice versa for boys. Not everyone is going to have the same mentality, some people will not agree in letting a girl choose to be a boy and boys to choose to be a girl but the importance is how the individual…show more content…
If the school does not allow neutral gender language then student should follow along. Some may be too small to even understand neutral gender language. For example, the preschool in Sweden, is too young to even understand pronouns. At such young age, she does or acts this way due to her surrounding influences. It’s only natural for kids to say or do as they believe is right to do, but to mainly focus on a child trying to eliminate all gender bias is pretty ironic because at such age they are only beginning to

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