What Is Interpersonal Skills

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Interpersonal Skills I am of the belief that, given enough effort, that each of the following skills can be learned. There is an obvious variance in the outcome of individuals personal lives who choose not harness these extremely important skills. The following is the research that I found in regard to definition, useful examples and instructional websites for development on the assigned interpersonal skills. Listening: According to active listening is “The act of mindfully hearing and attempting to comprehend the meaning of words spoken by another in a conversation or speech. Activity listening can involve making sounds that indicate attentiveness, as well as the listener giving feedback in the form of a paraphrased…show more content…
This skill is imperative to the growth of any business. Managers, owners and CEOs alike must be able to confidently articulate the direction they are taking their business. This may be in the face of sharp opposition by other tenured employees, but a honed skill of assertiveness will give the manager courage to lead. A website I found on being assertive is a Harvard Business Review article by Amy Gallo. Negotiation: This skill involves a discussion between at least 2 parties to come to an agreement on a specific issue that is jointly acknowledged & accepted. An example of this in business would be a possible price negotiation on a certain set of supplies purchased by a business. The business may feel that they deserve a price break based on the volume of their purchase. An article I found extremely helpful was ; “The Art of Negotiating” by Michael…show more content…
It involves changing the attitude & behavior of a targeted group. This may appear in business in the form of getting buy-in to your company culture by your team. If you set a certain revenue goal and lay out the plan of attack; it will be your team that implements your plan. If you are unable to persuade them the plan will fail. Forbes is a great place for article on business management – this is the website for the principles of persuasion: Interviewing: This is the official discussion between an applicant and the hirer wherein certain questions are asked to get to know the candidate. In business you will ask questions that relate to their employment history and experience. You will also ask situational questions that segment the values of the company and how that relates to the values of the candidate. I found fewer helpful sites on this category, but this is one that I found to be a decent aid in interviewing:
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