What Is Internet Addiction?

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What is Internet Addiction? Internet addiction (IA) is a problem originating from online actions on the computer or any electronic device which affects a person gravely by consuming ones time that could be used to attend to a loved one or school work (The Center for Internet Addiction). IA causes problems such as depression, bad grades or slightly worse grades, distraction during class due to time spent on social networks, and even isolation from the social community itself. It dominates one’s life to the point where the internet is now the person’s life instead of an actual outside interactive life. The purpose of this report is to state the effects and destructive qualities of IA and provide solutions to the problem stated above. By examining many journal articles, and internet sites on the topic of IA, this report will describe the main types of IA in-depth by expanding on each of its effect on the addicted person. The report then takes each of these problems and provides a solution to the statement. IA is an extremely worldwide problem that is still an ongoing nuisance that is characterized by a numerous amount of hours spent in non-work technology-related activities that are done through computers, video game, digital media. It has many non-progressive traits, all the time spent on the internet can be used to finish school related or job related work, expand on the social life, even spend it on sports or working out. It is ok to spend some time on the internet, maybe to check the status of friends, or the condition of the world through news. However, excessive usage of the internet is the disorder at hand, which will be described throughout the report. Depression and Internet Addiction Depression is one of the main effects... ... middle of paper ... ...ink about the effects of IA, how it could ruin your life, because IA is not something that can be cured through some physical treatment. It can only be fixed with the right mindset and a change in the mental state itself. Internet usage is a great asset to our everyday lives, although an excessive use is obviously bad for our health and I honestly believe that people under the influence of IAD know that but they cannot fix the disorder. Conclusion So all in all, there are many different problems associated with the main problem that is IAD, and solutions are all based off the persons own mindset. IAD affects the person everywhere, in school, social interactions, and can even cause a depression that is subsequent to all the problems listed above. IAD is a serious problem, causing lack of motivation, lack of effort. The internet will forever be a trap to many people.
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