What Is Individual Autonomy And Social Structure

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Individual autonomy and social structure Individual autonomy refers to the possibility of one's own individual and social structure, which describe to tie between an individual and a social network. Dorothy Lee is an anthropologist, who is used to address in this reading that there is a way to deal with comprehension culture in order to find alternative approach or resolution to a conflict we experience as individual in the western community. In her reading, she emphasized that individual autonomy and social structure the conflict between the two views and how those two ideas can overcome with respect. In addition to that through the course kit, she looked at several cultures practiced connected to the general theme of language, child rearing,…show more content…
In the world we live nowadays, the society feels that we are being controlled by others (government) they imagine that they lived through the laws, rule, and regulation that have been placed. This is difficult for the society because it makes an individual notice that their freedom is being limited by the society. Furthermore, this believes closely relate the view that Professor Johnson state about the freedom to and freedom from, the individual sense that they need to break up from society. And its structure in order to live freely. There is a quote said by professor Johnson “individual felt free from society free from something free from social structure” also we see autonomy in opposite way. Nevertheless, as Professor Johnson also mention, (a society is a construction of what it people are like, we are in society and society is in us”. One does not need to be separated from society to be free since structure less freedom does not exist. In Lee work, she mentions “the Principal of personal autonomy is supported by the cultures framework” (Lee,25) in the first paragraph. In Addition to that, the Prof tossed out that the framework of a society is made in an away that promotes respect forwards the idea of self-ruling in a
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