What Is Humanistic Approach

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1. When Philip was younger he was not treated kindly by his mother; he was verbally and physically abused. His mother has always have more power than anyone else in the family. Also, his parents were not proud to have him, they said he was a challenge and was not easy to control. Philip does not feel accepted in his own home. This is a psychodynamic approach because his childhood experience really shaped him the person that he is today. The next approach is behavioral. Growing up, Philip lives with words of discouragement by his parents. His parents fail to communicate healthily with him. Those words did not build Philip up as an individual and instead he becomes overly sensitive. Philip cannot differentiate criticism and hatred apart. Philip has always been very hard on himself because he does not have friends. In his mind, he is a loser and a failure. He does not have a job or even one person to share his happiness and sadness with. He won 't be able live in his potential if he continues to think of this way about himself. This is a humanistic approach because Philip is having a difficult time with life because he thinks negatively of himself- whether he realizes it or not. The following approach is cognitive. Philip seems like a very angry individual. Just like his depression, his…show more content…
Not to mention, Philip has a hard time getting a job. It all connects back to how he was constantly brought down through words. He did not take it lightly when was younger and he won 't take it lightly as adults, for instance his parents said he was difficult to disciple but Philip believes he was not difficult to discipline. There will always be that constant disagreeing or taking people 's criticism the wrong way because when he was younger he learned to defense himself when his parents said their awful opinions about
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