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I believe in hard work. Working hard will eventually pay off in the end. If you want something, you will do all you can to get it. Hard work can lead to success, and possibly a better life. You must be willing to work hard for the things that you want in life, big or small. I believe we as people should stop looking for the easy route to achieve things to get where we want to be. Instead put forth the effort that it takes to accomplish goals and/or dreams. Everything must be worked for, so why not work hard and achieve those things. Don’t be lazy and expect them to be handed to you.
Have you ever heard of the saying “Lazy hands make a poor man?” I believe that is somewhat true. If you’re out being lazy then you don’t get the outcome you expect to get if you were out being productive and working hard. For example, when I was in high school I ran track. Though track was a team sport, it was an individual sport as well. I ran hurdles and every time I won my race, that would give my team points to eventually become the overall winner of the
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look at all the famous people you admire. How do you think they’ve gotten to where they are today? The answer is hard work. Actors, singers, athletes, and everyone else who is famous all had to put in hard work to achieve the lifestyle and dream that they are living today. They were determined to work hard because they knew what they wanted in life and never took no as an answer. Brandon Ingram is a perfect example. Brandon is nineteen years old and is a professional basketball player. In middle and high school, he was determined to be in the NBA, so he was always in the gym. Brandon never attended parties or hung out like an average teenager. He was only focused on his school work and basketball. Determined to make it out, during his senior year in high school Brandon received several offers to play college basketball. Which eventually helped him to begin a career in the

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