What Is Happiness?

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Happiness is finding myself always having a positive outlook on life. Happiness is knowing I’m worth something. Happiness is going to bed at night dreaming of how great my life is ahead of me. Being able to say you are genuinely happy is something everyone looks for in their life time, especially me. An important aspect of happiness is that there is enough of this emotion for everyone to share. It can be hard sometimes to realize that people’s sources of happiness are not all the same. And that is why the world is so diverse, each and every one of us are trying to find our happiness, whichever it may be. But could you pinpoint what makes you happy right at this moment in time? Or even have the slightest clue if that will make you happy in the near future? I guess those are questions we all ask yourself and very few have answers to. But that’s the purity of happiness-not knowing what could happen next- that makes everyone want this not…show more content…
I spent most of my afternoons spending quality time with my grandparents. They live in Maquoketa so finding time to make it down there was difficult. But when I did find time, it was never time wasted. I would spend hours upon hours baking with my grandma. Cookies, cakes, brownies, you name it. And whenever we would get done, the house would smell of powdered sugar and vanilla. Those two smells bring me right back to my childhood. The smell of her downstairs kitchen is something I will always remember. These small details made me realized how happy I would be when I am at my grandparents. It made me feel like life was a lot simpler. Phones didn’t exist and the T.V. was never turned on. It was just me and my grandma, talking away, baking away. This experience opened my eyes to a whole new happiness. This happiness was much different than the others. I knew that this happiness would not last forever, so I need to cherish this happiness while I still
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