What Is Going On A Vacation

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A couple of summer’s ago, before school started back, I was told that my family was going on a vacation to California. At first, I was uncertain about this; I hate traveling in airplanes, salt water, fish, anything tropical seems to tick me off. As the day to leave neared, I got more and more excited about going on a vacation; I just needed a break from reality. It seemed as though I was counting down the minutes until we were getting on that airplane. Looking back now, this vacation wasn’t actually a vacation at all. It first started when we was getting on the huge white airplane. I was scared to death and about to puke because I was so nervous. I was afraid that something terrifying would happen. The airplane could have difficulties to where we just go flying downwards and crash. I was also worried about terrorists and being hijacked. Luckily, once I got on the airplane it wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. I even got to sleep for a little while on it, but it was not that comfortable. In general, I’m glad I finally got to experience being on an airplane. During vacations you...
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