What Is Gilligan Theory Of Guilt

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Gilligan also believe that guilt is part of violence. Shame causes violence but guilt inhibits it. He believe that when an individual is so disrespected, abuse, humiliated and lacking in self-love, behaved as if they could not emotionally afford to love others, as if they need to conserve the love that they were capable of giving. For that reason those individuals who are capable of killing is because they are incapable of love and feeling guilty of what they did; remorse for others. Depending on the degree of pain they cause to the other individual, the less of feeling of guilt and remorse is present. The motivation of violence is to gain pride and abolish the feeling of shame and humiliation. When an individual gains pride the feeling of being rewarded, powerful and respected is the feeling they gain when they hurt others, naturally that is the feeling that every human wants to have (Gilligan, 2003). Is like a circle, the lacking of empathy is because of the guilt they feel by others. Starting with susceptible to shame which leads to the lack of love to others and then it leads to ...
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