What Is Gender Inequality In The 19th Century

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In the nineteenth century, the United States didn’t have as much freedom, equality, protection from the government, and freedom of speech. The United States showed a highly discrimination on race, gender, religion, and disability status. Numerous people for example, African Americans were treated unequal than the white individuals due to race. The white individuals have more power than the African Americans because they were more interested in protecting the laws that makes them more powerful. In contrast, African Americans were slaves, they didn’t have the right to vote, and they are unequal than white individuals. The United States created civil rights and civil liberties, so that the world will be equal. Civil rights guarantees equal treatment in society by the government officials regarding to public rights, the judicial system, and public programs. Civil liberties establish freedom of speech, the right to vote, marry, and privacy. The congress passed numerous laws that will help subordinate inequality in the United States under the Bill of Rights and was passed after the Constitution. Some amendments that showed inequality in the United States…show more content…
The nineteenth amendment was passed that gave the right of citizens to vote and it doesn’t matter of what gender. The nineteenth amendment plays a significant role to women because they can vote just like the men could. Women also faced sexual harassment and had a bad environment in college. The intermediate scrutiny doctrine allowed testing that will falling between strict scrutiny issues of gender. Similarly, gays and lesbians also fought for civil rights. Gay people were not allowed to serve in the military, but they Bill Clinton passed it. Before people couldn’t show their homosexual orientation, but now people can. It took along time for African Americans, women, and homosexual people to fight for civil