What Is Gender Equality Essay

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Although the status of women is improved nowadays, there still exists inequality of gender in the world. Wives, in fifteen countries, like Iran needs find a job with their husbands ' permission. In contrast, Canadian couples have less inequality, however, there also are a lot of questions cause of gender discrimination. In our country, over 95% females white-collar employees think that they get lower paid and treatments than men. At the same time, some girls in Quebec drunk too much alcohol and led to death just in order to blindly purchase the equality with boys. With a series of problems, a plan to make the absolute gender equality is necessary to publish.

With a long time brainstorming and researching, the most direct and useful way to
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Undoubtedly, I have found the most suitable solution to eliminate your worries. Making an example in male society. Although Canadian citizens need observe by the absolute equality policy, an exploding number of foreign tourists including women come to Canada because of the natural and beautiful views in our country. The government can pass a new law to an organization and each man has the chance to do the adult job in terms for a short time per year. The men can get relaxing from this time and it can be a mainstay industry in our country 's tourism to attract more female visitors. Definitely, the legalized adult entertainment can also promote national economic…show more content…
Firstly, it can match the real equality and there will be no sexism in Canada. Secondly, it is also a great way to improve working enthusiasm of employees and the cohesion of the companies. The female white-collar workers will be encouraged and put more effects in works because they will not have unfair treatments. Thirdly, the adult entertainment will bring more profits for citizens and promote the development of the tourism in Canada. Meanwhile, it will be another symbol of Canada except the maple leaf. In addition, I cannot list all of the benefits of this plane because there are too many. I strongly recommend the congress pass this pill and implement it as soon as
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