What Is Gender Equality

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more and more people trying to incorporate gender equality in all areas of their operations even if some do it to a small extent. Though this effort is much appreciated, more needs to be done to ensure that gender equality is fully gained in all countries of the world.
Gender based discrimination is commonplace in the corporate world as very few women hold top executive positions in big companies. Fewer women hold executive offices in multinationals and big companies compared to their male counterparts. This is mainly because it is generally felt that men are more deserving of promotions despite the fact that men may be less productive as compared to a woman. Women even after discrimination perform well and do not speak up about the discrimination
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There is need to implement theory into practice. College education on gender equality is waste of time and money (David 70) due to the fact that most of the students do not implement the lessons learned. There is need to bring changes in behavior of young students. Gender inequality is deeply rooted in our society and the problem cannot be handled just by organizing some lectures on gender equality (David 56).
In the contemporary world, the policies adopted demand the practice gender equality if people really want it. Women at all levels at school, at home and at the workplace face gender based discrimination. Policymakers at all levels and in all areas such as in schools, in government offices, and in private companies should involve men in conversation on gender equality; this will help policy makers to understand both genders better and is different from the normal lessons provided on gender equality because these conversations go two way and as such the thoughts, feelings and fears of the men are
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Women should be treated equal to men. They should be given all the rights and opportunities that are available to men. I support that women are as competent as men and they deserve all the privileges that men have solely for a long time enjoyed. Moreover, men should get more involved in gender equality movement for with the help of men, the call for gender equality can perverse our society and its constructs realized. However, the move to liberate women from the bondage of gender stereotyping requires concerted efforts of individuals and organizations, institutions and world governments. The society must come together and fight this vice that has robbed many women their well deserved opportunities at social, political, economical and academic
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