What Is Friendship?

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When you think about friendships you think about all the different forms of friends. There can be friends that you have just met and have only known for a short amount of time and then there is the friends that you have known for almost your whole life. That is the friendship that I have with my very good friend Grace. We have known each other since eight grade and still great friends. It has been hard to talk to each other since we go to different colleges almost five hours away, but we always try to talk to each other at least once a day. We also have different class schedules which makes talking harder too. Whenever we are both home we try to do something together to catch up. Our friendship has lasted this long because we can communicate emotionally (page 136), deal with conflict (page 184) and use symmetrical reciprocity (page 226). Being able to communicate emotion is…show more content…
Grace and I have had some arguments or conflicts, but nothing big enough to do any damage on the relationship. If anything it has made our friendship even stronger. We do two different types of things to deal with conflict and they are symmetrical negotiation and symmetrical withdrawal (page 184). Symmetrical negotiation is when there is a conflict and each party mirrors the others negotiating behavior. Then symmetrical withdrawal is when there is conflict and neither person is willing to confront the other. Both of these conflict techniques are used whenever Grace and I have an argument. We either talk about it and figure out a way to deal with it or we just forget about the conflict. When we forget and move on from a conflict it is because we both realize that the conflict is pointless and our friendship is more important then whatever we are fighting about. Being able to forget about a conflict is easier to do when you have known the person for a long time and can understand

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